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  • That was The Week that was

    the week cover

    I’m the father of a 10-month old charmer, and I divide my time between running a business and looking after her, and time is unsurprisingly at a premium for me. So it’s not a shock that it’s time off that suffers - time to read the papers or hang out with a good book, or a good TV show.

    The DVR has helped in this, making sure when we slump down on the couch for an hour, there’s always something we want to watch available. My trusty RSS reader gives me the internet-based lowdown from many a site, but there’s a new kid in town that’s also more than pulling its weight - ’The Week‘.

  • Real estate frenzy at 7500 feet

    As you may know, there are now plenty of big budget Hollywood films being made in the state, as New Mexico pursues a ‘tax-break and other forms of bribery’ approach similar to the way Ireland wooed the studios in the 90s.

    Jessica Simpson was in town for a while, as were Adam Sandler and Chris Rock, and the celebs keep coming. And they need places to stay while there here.

  • Napping time

    not a bad ideaBeen under the weather the last few days, and now that my cold has been transferred to Buendia and Finn, none of us is getting a lot of sleep at night.

    Fortunately, Finn’s only mildly affected, and Buendia’s getting better (with lots of medicinal green chile to help out), so it’s tiredness rather than contagion that’s the main issue for me. But I’ve come up with a great solution - the afternoon nap.