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  • Time shifting

    So we got Tivo’d, and it’s greatly improved the quality of our TV-watching lives.

    To be precise, we got the Comcast DVR offering, which shows two things: firstly, like sellotape and hoover (both of which only work in the UK, interestingly) Tivo has become the generic word to describe digital recording from the telly, and secondly, Tivo themselves must be worried, losing customers to the big cable companies who offer a simpler but cheaper service (and rental, not purchase, of the box itself).

    With a nine-month old in the house, your limited recreation time cannot be scheduled to coincide with your favourite programmes, especially as herself gets put to bed around 7.30pm. Wrestling with the old VCR wasn’t going to happen, so being able to record shows easily (and set up standing orders for a whole series) makes plenty of sense.

  • Car lust

    not too shabby

    You know that old line about how boys never grow up, they just get bigger toys? I’ve a feeling I’m an example of that, despite my best intentions.

    For someone who lives in a house with one car and five bikes, I think about cars a lot. If I’m driving (in the deeply unfashionable 1999 Honda CRV that’s our family’s ride), I’ll sometimes watch the cars that pass me and ask myself, ‘would I drive that?’.

  • The future comes to New Mexico?

    x-prize image

    The NM state legislative session has just concluded and among a busy schedule of issues, one topic stood out - the plans for the world’s first Spaceport, to be built in the middle of nowhere in southern New Mexico.

    Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic is keen to move in and start offering space tourism flights, and there are also plans for a crazy-sounding rocket racing series (specifically modelled on the pod racing scene in Star Wars, just a bit higher up).

    Currently these are just plans, and the spaceport is a patch of sere land between Truth or Consequences and Las Cruces, but there’s definitely something exciting at the prospect of all this space travel stuff.