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  • Banville’s ‘The Sea’

    I’ve just finished John Banville’s The Sea, and I’m mad.

    As a writer I don’t think I’ve got an inflated opinion of my own ability, but on a good day I think I can string the words together with clarity, precision and a certain style.

    And then I read Banville and realise that I’m just an old hack. His prose shines. You know those creative writing MFA programs that tell you to leave out all the adjectives? Banville’s clearly never been to one, and his choice of perfect and unexpected adjectives help to fix his images in your mind.

    The plotting and slow revelation of his characters is artfully done, and the book deals with grown-up subjects like grief, regret and the beastliness of adolescents.

    But it’s the prose itself that lingers. And makes me think I should either become a plumber or work harder at the writing.

  • Announcing ‘Architect Babies’

    the architectbabies logo
    With a bit of work last week and over the weekend, Buendia and I have produced a new website - ’Architect Babies‘.

    The tagline pretty much says it all, ‘For parents with more taste than money’.

    Buendia describes the conundrum well:

    Why is baby-related gear designed (or rather over-designed) to offend creative parents, and appeal to people who think ‘more is more’?

    It’s a chore to find things that are safe, and practical, and affordable and NOT UGLY. The aim of this site is to share with people some of the things I’ve found that fit those criteria.

    You don’t have to be an architect, of course. You might be a graphic designer, or an artist, or anyone whose house is not furnished from Oak Express.

    There’ll be more posts arriving over time, and we hope we might even cover the hosting charges with some Google ads. Check it out:

  • Test of RSS feeds

    Been having a few problems with the RSS feeds - this is just a test to see if at least I’m getting them. More news as and when.