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  • Ripping good times

    So Buendia got me a turntable for Christmas, and I’m having much fun converting my vinyl to MP3 format. The records seem to have survived 18 months in the garage without too much trouble.

    I’m struck by the way technology has influenced the creative process. Albums used to have sides, and artists would use the limitations of the medium to their advantage. So you’d have an up side and a more reflective side, or you’d have to make sure you started side 2 with a killer track.

  • Blubbering fool

    Since Finn’s been born (and also before, truth to tell), I’ve been very easily moved to tears.

    Sometimes a news item will see me crying, especially if kids are involved somehow. But most of my tears are shed over movies.

    This week, the great documentary Mad Hot Ballroom did it for me. 

  • Ho hum

    Is it wrong that I loudly shout ‘Wanker!’ at every Hummer I see?

    Whether I’m walking or driving, it’s most unlikely the driver will ever hear me (although I’m careful to enunciate carefully, to help them lip-read).

    Buendia points out they might not know what a wanker is, and even if they did, might not associate the criticism directly with their choice of vehicle. But I think anyone driving one (there are a distressing number around Santa Fe), is always thinking ‘Don’t I look great in this vehicle?’.

    So I’m answering the question that’s in their head.

    I"m just not as committed as these guys.