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  • Autumn in Santa Fe

    We’re getting some bright crisp days now - perfect autumnal cold mornings with brilliant blue skies.

    First is the street the office is on, and below is a view of the cathedral (just across the road from the office too).

  • Hit with the ugly stick

    The news that fewer Americans are now buying SUVs is welcome - especially in these parts, where the 400-year-old roads aren’t built for Chevy Suburbans (so called because they’re the size of a small neighbourhood) or Nissan Armadas (named for the fleet of ship required to bring all the petrol they need).

    But the cars people are buying instead are fugly.

  • Testing Mars Edit

    So I’ve downloaded the other useful desktop blogging client, Mars Edit.

    Not quite so slick, but we’ll see if it lets me split my posts somehow.

  • test of ecto posting

    Trying the desktop blogging tool, Ecto. Getting it work with the less than mainstream Expression Engine (they system that admirably powers this site) was a little tricky, but EE support came good.

    The only downside I see is that I can’t split my posts between two areas - the first little bit, and then the main post (with a <More> link on the homepage. Maybe Mars Edit will let me do this useful thing.

    But it’s pretty cool to very easily do this:

    Currently playing: They’ll Never Take Her Love From Me from the album “King Of America” by Elvis Costello

    And this:

    “The Accidental Pilgrim: Travels with a Celtic Saint” (David Moore)

  • Aqualung

    imageNow I’ve not much time to check out all the new bands the kids are listening to, any new music that I come across is pretty random.

    But I’ve been congratulating myself on getting the album from English act Aqualung (that’s pretty much Matt Hales on his own). In the US, the available album, Strange and Beautiful, is a combination of his first two UK releases).

    Atmospheric and crisp, with a bit of Jeff Buckely, Portishead and Coldplay thrown in, I’ve been working away to it for a week or two.

  • French Kings and Fall

    As you might imagine, it’s been busy like mad round here, so I’m a little behind on the blogging. Today’s special is two for the price of one.

    Firstly, we were in Clovis, out there in eastern New Mexico, so close to the Texas line that half the local TV stations are from Amarillo over the border, and half from Roswell and Albuquerque in NM. One piece of added excitement is caused by the fact that Clovis is on Mountain Time, while 8 miles away it’s Central. Which either means you could cunningly manipulate time and TV schedules to do more each day and watch Arrested Development twice every Monday, or you’d always be an hour late for everything.

    Clovis is a cow town, and reeks like pooh. Someone had told me that it was just from the cattle cars on the trains, which was unfortunate becuase most of the hotels are lined up along the railroad, but I can confirm that as far up as the IHOP on the north edge of town, you get the fresh smell of the country in your nostrils.