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  • Capitalism aiding immigration reform?

    Normally I’m suspicious of Adam Smith’s ‘invisible hand’ as a force for good. The whole idea that everyone flourishes in a free market is so clearly nonsense that you forget that sometimes it actually works.

    A great article on immigration in this week’s Santa Fe Reporter (that now I can link to, because they finally sorted their website out) argues that large US corporations are way ahead of government policy in recognising undocumented Mexican migrant workers, and giving them the sort of services that ordinary people deserve.

  • The British are Coming

    Something very strange is happening to American TV - it’s come over all English.

    We’re used to the sporadic attempts to remake British sit-coms for the US market - from Sanford and Son (Steptoe and Son in the UK), via an ill-advised attempt at Fawlty Towers, through to Coupling and the Office.

  • David’s Gaggia Fund

    So here’s the plan: I currently drink maybe four coffees a week from one or other of the cafes within walking distance of the office. I rotate my choices, based on a range of factors. If I also need a breakfast burrito, then it’s the Meridien (where they wisely offer a cyclists’ discount if you’ve come on the bike).

    If I riding, but have already breakfasted, then I’ll swing by the Holy Spirit coffee stand round the corner from the Eldorado Hotel, and carefully ride through the Plaza with my coffee stuck in the bottle cage.

    If I’m on foot, it’ll maybe be Sage’s coffee stand on Marcy, and now the new Caffe e Gelato place near the library (although I haven’t made up my mind about the quality there).

  • Coffee and submarines

    Although I’m currently on a decaf kick (helps me wake at odd hours of the night, when Fionnuala calls), I’ve always had a yen for a good espresso machine.

    Over at Engagdet, there’s some spirited debate on the topic.

    It seems the Rancilio Silva (shown) has a lot of admirers. And it looks like a bit of an Italian submarine. Which is interesting, given the rather spectacular efforts now underway to move just such an item from Cremona to downtown Milan.

    But given the Euro/Dollar exchange rate, it sure is pricey (the espresso machine, that is, not the submarine).

    Update: I think I may have got into something I can’t stop: