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  • Sleeping like a baby

    Now that’s Finn’s home, we’re adjusting the new reality of having a baby in the house, which is a lot nicer than having a baby in intensive care, but with about as little rest.

    Whoever started that standard simile about ‘sleeping like a baby’ clearly knew nothing about babies. For every five minutes of blissful ‘quiet sleep’ there’s at least as long with the frantic ‘active sleep’, where Finn’s bashing herself on the head with her hands and throwing off her carefully-arranged burrito blanket.

    Throw in the wails of hunger, the nappy-changing thrash and the frantic ‘where’s the breast?’ feeding routine, and repeat the whole thing every two to three hours (more frequently at night), and that’s what sleeping like a baby really means.

  • Announcing the arrival of Fionnuala Grace Moore

    Just a quick note to announce the birth of Fionnuala Grace Moore - our first child.

    She arrived over a month early amid much excitement and worry (details on request), but she and Buendia are both doing well. Finn is in the Special Care unit at UNM Hospital in Albuquerque, but she weighs 4 pounds and is in good form, so she’s not in any danger, and should soon be leaving (with perhaps a brief stay at St Vincents in Santa Fe, nearer home).

    (A quick note on her name (especially for those outside Ireland) - Fionnuala is pronounced Finoola (more or less) and is an Irish name meaning ‘fair shouldered one’ - we’ll probably shorten it to Finn most of the time).

    More news early next week, when I’ll be back in Santa Fe for a at least some of the time.

    Obligatory cute photos to follow. 

  • Vegas, Maybe!

    Vegas, maybe

    Buendia and I were recently in Las Vegas, Nevada recently (not to be confused with Las Vegas, New Mexico - a very nice town just up the road from here).

    Before you go, there’s lots of things you know about Vegas - it’s hot, in a desert, has lots of gambling, a seedy reputation and is about as lacking in authenticity as anywhere in the world.

    And guess what? It’s exactly like that in real life. Only worse.

    First, there’s the fact that it shouldn’t be there at all. By dint of the Hoover Dam, what should be a dry speck in the desert is now madly over-watered and luxuriant. Pond and pools and trees and sprinklers are everywhere, part of the massive act of will that’s made this nothing into something very bizarre.