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  • Email from the past

    faith brothers :: eventideSometimes the Internet can be scary. I woke up with a song in my head, from the British late 80s band The Faith Brothers.

    These days, not many people might know much about The Faith Brothers’ album, ‘Eventide’ (except my schoolfriends Shomit and Dale), but for a while it was on heavy rotation in our rooms, and I loved the songs, and the delivery of lead singer Billy Franks. He burned with an earnestness that was so much better than most of the synth-pop nonsense of the time, and tracks like ‘Whistling in the Dark’ and ‘Daydreamer’s Philosophy’ really left an impression. 

  • ‘Cycling in the rain, sorting his head out’

    Irish novelist Dermot Bolger has written what I reckon is the best review of ‘The Accidental Pilgrim’ yet.

    He’s writer in residence for the South Dublin Libraries and his one of his diaries, he gives his view of the book.

    (UPDATE: Dermot was kind enough to email me and let me know the review originally appeared in the Evening Herald)

    Here’s the full text: