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  • Things to do in Dublin when you’re dead

    Well, not exactly dead. More like reborn.

    Buendia and I are going on holiday to Dublin. This is a weird notion for someone who lived there for a dozen years, but we’ll see what happens.

    At the end of my time there, I was coming to the conclusion that it was better to be a visitor there than a resident - the reverse of the situation when I first arrived in 1993.

    Then, the craic was mighty, the Celtic Tiger was yet to be born, and no-one had much money.

  • The Coffee Cage

    I made an excellent discovery on my way to the new office this morning. A small coffee (with the cardboard sleeve so you can carry it) fits perfectly into the bottle cage on a bike.

    This means I can call in at the Meridian cafe on the way to work (and get my 20% discount for arriving there by bike), and not have to walk the bike round to the office because I have to hold my coffee.

  • Downtown life

    We’re now pretty much moved in to the downtown offices, and it’s great to be here for several reasons including:

    1) Having a place to go to work has already improved my productivity, and created a good division between working time and time off

    2) We’re surrounded by friends we know also working near here, so plenty of drop-in opportunities

    3) There’s a community of small businesses in the building, which can only help with networking and the like