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  • Holiday greetings

    Taking a week off while my Mum is visiting us here in New Mexico.

    The Christmas Eve farolito walk up a freezing and snowy Canyon Road was beautiful. Everyone had paper lanterns (ingredients: brown paper bag, sand, candle) in ranks on roofs and walls and all over:

    And the bright sun throughout Christmas was such a change from Britain and Ireland, where you may as well keep the curtains closed this time of year.

    More later, when I’m back to work next Monday. Hope everyone has a great time over this great time.

    (Photo credit: Bill Belknap)

  • Filling those shoes

    I caught part of a strange interview with Brian Williams, the journalist who’s taking over from Tom Brokaw as anchor for NBC’s evening news show. It was just a puff piece on an entertainment news show.

    Ditsy interviewer: ‘That’s some big shoes you’re filling.’

    Williams: ‘Oh absolutely.’

    Dits: ‘And do you try and wear those shoes?’

    Williams (looking surprised at such a ridiculously stretched metaphor): ‘Er, well, I think you just wear the ones you bring.’

    A good save from Brian, but bizarre nonetheless.

  • Moore Consulting open for business

    A while ago I mentioned I was working on a business site for myself, to promote the web consultancy and development I’ve been doing.

    I forgot to put a link in from here, to let folks know about it. I’m still working out a few of its kinks, but it’s more or less presentable.

    The Moore Consulting site is at, so feel free to swing by for a look, and to check up on some of what I’ve been up to when I’ve not been writing about cycling down the Mississippi.

    And of course, feel free to get in touch if you think I can help you with some web work.

  • Holy Shopping Trolleys, Batman

    Standing in the queue at the busy supermarket the other day, I noticed a curious thing (aside from the weird stuff that everyone else seemed to be buying - it was like they were in a different shop).

    The shopping trolleys here (or ‘carts’ as they call them) have cupholders. Right behind the handle are two wire receptacles for the beverage of your choice.

    This is getting ridiculous.