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  • Snow!

    This won’t impressive anyone recently arrived in Winnipeg, such as my friends Paul and Chris, but it’s snowing here.

    Around 5 inches of dry packed snow overnight - perfect for snowballs or winter sports. The evergreens and leaning over with the weight and I just dug our brave Russian sage plant, Nikolai, out from under it.

    Some photos to follow now when the sun comes out and it looks even more beautiful.

  • Accidental Pilgrim crosses the Atlantic

    A little after its author’s arrival in the New World, the book is now available from an online retailer in the US. The excellent folk at Powell’s are offering it, and as it makes an excellent gift for the holidays, I’d recommend you head over there and get a copy or two: so here’s the book’s page on Powell’s.

    And of course, if you need a little more information to help you decide whether or not the book’s for you, there’s always the site

  • Santa Fe Sunrise

    One of the benefits of being up at 6:30am because you’ve had a cat walking across your head is that you get to see a sunrise like this. And then go back to bed.


  • Nissan advertising they shouldn’t try in Ireland

    You know Nissan have this ‘Shift’ them in their current ads? Like, ‘Shift Expectations’, that sort of thing.

    They got a bit carried away in a TV ad that’s running here at the moment. It’s particularly unfortunate, because ‘to shift’ means something entirely different in Ireland, which I can’t help thinking about, especially when the voiceover earnestly says:

    ‘Everything we touch, we shift. Everything we shift we try to make better.’

  • Four more years

    So with John Kerry conceding the election to Bush this morning, we’re looking at four more years of this president - not a pleasant thought.

    The most frightening thing about the result are the reasons people gave for their decision. According to the AP exit polling, if you thought Iraq was the most important issue, you were very likely to vote for Kerry. Similarly, if the economy mattered most, you voted for the Democrats. However, the single most important issue in the minds of the electorate (and one that escaped the advanced polling) were moral values, which drew a massive Christian vote to counteract the increased voting from young people.