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  • Careful what you wish for

    Big news in Mooro Towers. The first book is currently technically not quite a book. It’s an 80,000 word Word and .pdf document (although I’m proud to say it was written in BBEdit), and it’s been shopped around agents and publishers in London and Dublin for some months now. Some were interested, some took over a year to reply, and some kept their opinions to themselves.

    But that might all be about to change - it’s all still up in the air, which makes me nervous, but it’s looking like I’ve found a publisher. And not a bad one either.  I’ll not say more till I have a contract in my hand, but it does mean the Canada trip is now subject to change if I’m working on rewrites and edits. A good problem to have, but it’s making it hard to get down to work on anything until I know for sure.

    On the bike front, I’m been comparing the putative Carpe Diem with a Cannondale T2000. I’d say both are great bikes, but the wheelset options on the CD don’t include any 36-spokers, which seem to be a good idea for real touring. And the Cannondale gets great reviews and is not a cyclocross/touring hybrid, but a pure-bred tourer (albeit with an alu frame). Maybe I get the CD with the spec I want, and get some chunky touring wheels elsewhere.

  • Commerce and sponsorship

    Got to love the ease with which you can buy things online in the US. Just received a mouse to make my laptop computing more straightforward. Who knew right-mouse clicks worked in Apple OS 10.2?

    Yet to hear back from the other bike manufacturers I contacted about sponsorship for the Canada trip, but a big hand for Airborne ( for their speedy offer of a big discount on a Carpe Diem. There don’t look to be many roads in Newfoundland - maybe I need something chunkier?

  • Welcome to the blog

    It’s bright and sunny in Santa Fe, New Mexico as I write this, a welcome to my blog. I’m staying here in a lovely house while the weather in Dublin is miserable, and I’m planning the big bike expedition in Canada, scheduled for May. More random thoughts as I have them, but you’ve got to start somewhere.

  • Going to the Life Laundry

    DIY and interior design shows purport to improve your life by improving your environment - but do any of them actually work?

    You can get the Homefront team to do your kitchen for you, or call for DIY SOS when you’ve made a hames of things yourself. The Changing Rooms posse will let your neighbours loose in your living room, and The Property Ladder shows you how to turn a profit from getting your hands dirty.

    Interior desecrating is everywhere, but when the film crew has left, are you really better off?