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About me

David enjoys a coffee in the south of France. Wouldn't you?I’m a 34 year-old writer, journalist and Internet-type person, recently moved from Dublin to Santa Fe, New Mexico. I grew up in England, raised by an Irish mother and an English father, and have the gall to cheer for both teams. My Dad had been a jazz musician, and together with my mother created a home that was a little more relaxed than the others in my Home Counties street.

As an undergraduate at Cambridge I studied the unlikely subject known as Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic - essentially, history and languages of Britain and Ireland from 500-1000AD. I had no idea I’d end up writing a book about it - The Accidental Pilgrim. In 1993, after a year of working on company newspapers such as Thames Water News writing articles about sewage treatment works, I escaped to Dublin to do a Masters in Anglo-Irish Literature at Trinity College.

I was supposed to go back to England after that, but never really got round to it, and my professional life has been a mixture of writing and high-technology work, including freelance journalism for The Irish Times, The Illustrated London News, and the acclaimed US online magazine, Salon.

The day job is running my own web development firm, Moore Consulting - we build sites and consult on usability, accessibility and content creation.

I’m married, and settled in Euro-feeling and liberal Santa Fe, New Mexico doing the web work, and I’ve also started work on the second book, which recounts my 2000 mile bike ride from Fargo, North Dakota to New Orleans, following the Mississippi River.